Should you, would you if you could?

A phone call. That is all it takes to change someone’s day, life or even a whole world.

A friend in need is not something to shy away from. There are too many who say I can’t do anything anyway, I can’t change anything anyway, I don’t want to get mixed up, I don’t want to be involved, I don’t want to be blamed… To change even one life is worth every bit of effort even on the risk of losing that person when they cannot see the need themselves yet.

Just a guy by Salzach

Just a guy by Salzach

For years I’ve known an ex soldier. But that is not all he is. He is also an ex-boyfriend, an ex-happy, and ex-bully, an alcoholic, an abuser, liar, he is one to make excuses and to blame others. He is also a great friend, confused, lovable, affectionate, intelligent, unafraid of putting himself in harms way if that means he could help, he is relentless getting the information he wants and if important he does not hesitate to share that information. He will stop at nothing to find a way for others, but fails at this continuously when it comes to himself. He is a good man, and he has a life in front of him that he does not yet understand.

I can’t do much. I’m too far away. But I will always be with him, for him and against him if I need to be. There is so much that can be done with just a phone call, just an email, just reaching out.

Never under estimate what you know is in for what you see on the out. Never underestimate the power of a single word.

Snippets of conversation and steps forward:

…I think he is in serious trouble now. After his friend died and him being the one discovering the body, he’s completely distraught and manic.

I spent an hour with him on the phone today. He was talking about a program he wants to get to get his drinking etc under control. The conversation didn’t go very well and he seemed to be in a very dark place. He had to go to a 7/11 and was to call me back after but somehow possibly due to the storm here we couldn’t get connected anymore.

Last he said in a message through Facebook is that he was on the phone turning himself in. I don’t know to whom or where he was calling or where he was turning himself in and he hasn’t answered me since.

Please check on him when you can and please let me know where he is and what is happening. I’m really worried. He hasn’t been this on edge in a while. I’m scared for him.

… I just got off the phone with him – he is in a mental hospital/rehab unit.  Does not know how long he will be in.

He went because you told him to! He was calm and stable…
… He’s my friend. I’ve been drawn to him since I first met him. He in such a dark place but he knows it and is continuously trying to find a way out of that place but he keeps failing. He’s in a place now that can hopefully help. I told him he needs to stay as long as possible, as long as he has tools to take care of himself, and only leave once there’s a support system set up on the outside once he leaves; he needs AA and therapy, probably for ever, maybe only for a while. But he needs it and he knows it. I told him I’m not afraid to get him committed again if he doesn’t stick to it, and I’m not afraid to get his mother involved…

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