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My Social Passport is a social media site designed for anyone and everyone who loves to travel and is looking for great tips and/or travel mates. I did a six month internship for Brennan Basnicki, the sites founder, in marketing and social media. Part of my tasks were to write travel related articles or commission articles from others.

World’s Weirdest Hotels and Why You Should Spend a Night

My Social Passport by Aija Oksman


Have you ever thought of doing something completely different when you travel? To try out something that would push your own limits and allow you to experience something than no one else can even describe? Of course you have. We all have. But have you ever thought of combining those mind-blowing experiences with spending your nights in a mind-blowing environment?

Firstly, how about some northern lights, snow, vastness of the Finnish mid-winter darkness and whilst enjoying the whole show nature provides you with, then to actually spend your nights in an actual igloo? The Igloo hotel in Finland offers travellers and experience seekers the opportunity of spending a night or few in an actual igloo – albeit it might be built of glass, it is the closest thing to amazing you can get. And besides, if you were in a real igloo of snow, you couldn’t see through and have the whole universe above you dancing in all the colours of polar lights.

Salt hotel in Palacio del Sal in Bolivia
You probably never thought of sleeping in salt. Can’t believe anyone has. Situated at the edge of the largest salt flat, Salt Hotel in Palacio del Sal will offer something rather different as a sleeping experience. Uyuni, the closest large city, is bit ways away but an overnight train will get you there in a jiffy, so you have the opportunity to enjoy both the hotel’s healthy environs as well as the pleasures of a city. But wait! It’s not just the hotel that’s made of salt, also the dining table, the chairs and the pool is built of salt. That should keep you afloat. Do bring with you lots of water. And don’t lick the walls – the staff has strict policies against that.

Ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi in Sweden
Shifting from solid frozen to a free flowing river, the Icehotel at Jukkasjärvi is constantly moving. Throughout the building process (from December onwards), a new part is added to the hotel, which ensures the ongoing surprise element as well as unique surroundings for those seeking for a truly exceptional experience. And the hotel promises to “develop and offer sensuous, inspiring and unique experiences within art, nature, accommodation and gastronomy”. And all of this whilst you enjoy one of nature’s most beautiful shows; the polar lights dancing right outside your windows. Oh my, now that’s definitely something different.

Osaka Capsule Inn in Japan
How about a bit of sci-fi effect? Designed like jet airplane’s cockpit, the Osaka Capsule Inn offers travellers a rather different place to sleep. Situated in Osaka, the Capsule Inn will provide the travellers with a calm space for rest as well as all the amenities of Osaka city. Though it may be a cramped space, at least you can’t complain your significant other stealing your side of the bed.

Hobbit Motel in New Zealand
As the latest Peter Jackson triumph, and the story afore Lord the Rings is finally coming to big screens in December, what could be better than book your trip closest to a Shire you can hope for, in Waitomo, New Zealand. The hotel offers a real agriexperience, complete with a Kiwi Culture Show, sheep shearing and any other typical farm hands-on experience you might have a burning desire for. Return to the roots, find that ring and relax with a pipe by your doorstep – hobbit style.

Jules’ Underwater Lodge in Key Largo, Florida
Starting out as a research laboratory in the 1970s, Jules’ Underwater Lodge is probably the most eccentric experiences one can hope for. Being dipped into the deep parts of the ocean, to see sea life in natural habitat floating, swimming, by your windows is something only dreams are made of, or Jules Verne’s novels. Being claustrophobic could hinder the experience but surely any apprehensions are swept away by the natural beauty of the mangrove lagoon, tipped with the scuba gear provided for that personal touch with the sea life.


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