AijaCurrent MLitt student with experience in translation, PR, social media marketing and publishing as well as customer relations and tourism. Currently working as a bilingual customer service agent as well as freelance translator.


I am very driven and that drive is lucily challenged by the varied opportunities I have. Over the years I have gathered experience working with various forms of written and spoken word, and this has led to my further education and strong personal interest in publishing and journalism.

Having learned foreign languages since I started primary school, I have always appreciated the fine nuances of languages that make them unique. My goal is one day to be able to work with minority and translated literatures as I believe translated literature has a growing future in modern literacy and publishing sectors. On my road to publishing, I am amassing a wealth of experiences in my various projects and employments, as well as undertaking Masters degree at Stirling University.

As to my character, I am outgoing and outspoken, determined and dedicated as well as stubborn and ambitious – set backs and upheavals are part of the journey, and I relish every opportunity, challenge and complication tossed my way. There is a learning opportunity in all of them.

I am still at the beginning of my career, but I have been given a great start, and I look forward to the future and its challenges. Currently I am enjoying the challenge I face with my impending publishing project and master thesis with University of Stirling, as well as part-taking in many extra curricula activities such as volunteering and other freelance projects.


The Edinburgh Address, Luxury Self Catering Holiday Apartments in the Heart of Edinburgh
Social Media Marketing and Guest Relations

June 2013 – December 2013, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Administrative duties consisted of maintaining and updating the blog page on homepage, the company’s social media, creating social media marketing strategies as well as liaising with guests. Other main duties included meeting and greeting of arriving guests, and maintaining inventory of the listed properties.

Sykes, a global leader in providing customer contact management solutions and services in the business process outsourcing (BPO) arena
Customer Service Communicator (Finnish/English)

May 2013 – Present, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Biingual customer service communicator, providing customer support both in Finnish and English for corporate credit cardholders, providing them with thorough insight and knowledge of the operations of the corporate credit cards. My position with Sykes also includes translations and proofreading where necessary, all the while being being confident and beneficial member of a larger team.
As a customer service agent, the key to successful relationship with the client is maintaining strategic and professional communication, clear and concise knowledge of the product, fluency of language, open personality and a thrive to exceed your own performance in order to improve and to become the invaluable asset Sykes expects to provide our clients.

My Social Passport, Social Media Marketing

October 2012 – March 2013, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

During my time with My Social Passport, I was in charge with implementing social media marketing strategy, managing social media updates and content as well as maintaining original content creation for the homepage in the form of travel related articles. Also, I commissioned articles from other users of the social network site, when needed. My main duty was to maintain and manage My Social Passport’s presence on social media platforms, ensuring a steady flux of communication with the users and guarantee appropriate content.
Social media has become a major part in contemporary life, and I gained invaluable insight knowledge, first-hand experience and developed a strong, independent working method whilst with My Social Passport. Skills, which I have been able to bring with me and to employ to my best use at my current endeavours.

Dr. Barbara Brunner PR, Intern

May 2012 – July 2012, Salzburg, Austria

Conducting the internship with Dr. Barbara Brunner allowed me to first-hand experience the inner workings of a PR firm. Dr. Brunner’s firm did PR for publishers and authors, and while there I was in charge of updating the operating press program “Eddy”, creating and editing press releases as well as handling main bulk of the mailing of copies of newly released titles. Among my other duties, I would create contact lists, make inquiries and updated resources as well as prepared and organised upcoming events such as book launches.

English Drama Group Salzburg, Assistant Director

February 2007 – July 2012, Salzburg, Austria

As the Assistant Director, I was in charge of maintaining and implementing rehearsal schedules, ensuring smooth operations backstage during performances, editing and adapting script, researching and compiling school packages that the Drama Group provided to local schools prior to coming to see the production.
The many years I spent with the EDG were some of the most exciting and educational – constant flexibility was necessary as well as quick adjustment to last minute changes, ability to work with people from various different backgrounds and nationalities as well as being able to effectively communicate plans and schedules, implement strategies and coming up with creative solutions to sudden obstacles. Invaluable experience that will truly benefit all of my future.

Student’s Representative, English studies department of University of Salzburg

September 2008 – June 2011, Salzburg, Austria

As the assisting student’s representative, I was aiding clear communication between students and the English department as well as keeping up with any changes in the curriculum or other university policies, in order to give the students the most recent information. My position also included assisting students in various enquiries concerning their courses or with issues they had with professors or courses. On the fun side, our team was in charge of organising various events at the English department, such as a summer barbeque or Christmas party.

Other Experience

The Rock Trust, Volunteer

March 2013 – June 2013

My tasks as the Communications Assistant with the Rock Trust has included creating and implementing social media strategies for upcoming events and the Trust, researching relevant information as well as maintaining a up to date knowledge of current situations related to the Rock Trust’s causes. I have also been in charge of maintaining and updating the Enterprise database of contacts. My main duty  has been to work together with the Fundraising and Events Coordinator towards the next art event and to maintain the social media presence on all social media platforms in order to generate a steady increase in interest, awareness and to create a flux of supporters for the event.

Since June,  and my day jobs and my final stretch of University studies has put volunteering in the office of Rock Trust on the back burner for the time being. I have continued to volunteer at specific events, helping to raise awareness for what the Rock Trust stands for; these events included the Leith Festival and the MELA Festival during summer and recently the Sleep Out 2013 event, where in both my duties was to speak to those attending, raise awareness and assist in smooth operation of the events.

Bloody Scotland International Crime Writing Festival, Volunteer

September 2012Arts and Culture

Exhilarating experience, to be part of the first International Crime Writing Festival. Fantastic introduction to the literary life in Scotland, being an expat who just moved to the country.
My tasks were ensuring smooth organisation of events and helping guests to find events they needed, to check their tickets at doors, to clear up venues and providing support and clear organisation at authors’ book signings after the events.


1. Finnish: Native or bilingual proficiency

2. English: Native or bilingual proficiency

3. German: Professional working proficiency



The University of Stirling, 2012 – 2014

Master of Letters, Publishing

Digital: Process and Product
Publishing, Literature and Society
Editorial Practice and Content Creation
Publishing Dynamics
Marketing Management and Communications
Publishing Project, including Workshop

Paris Lodron University of Salzburg, 2006 – 2012

Bachelor of Arts, English Linguistics and Literature

Specialised in African American literature

During my years with the Salzburg University, I studied comprehensively English literatures and linguistics. Effectively this meant that in literature studies we were educated, informed and got hands-on research experience of the world literatures in English language; including South African, American, Scottish, Irish, British, Indian and translated literatures from around the world. I personally focused on African American literature, as I felt African American literature was not as exhaustively studied as for example 19/20th century British literature would have been. I wanted to explore something different. My literature Bachelor thesis was written under the title “Paul Laurence Dunbar – The ‘Noo Negro’ Poet of Dichotomy”.

Linguistic studies at the Salzburg University gave a comprehensive insight into the history of language developemnt, incuding the development of accents, the physiological properties of of language formation as well as the surrounding theory. I successfully completed courses on phonetics and phonology, language acquisition, applied linguistics, bilingualism and psycholonguistics, to mention but a few. My linguistics Bachelor thesis was written under the title “The Critical Period Revisited – Trouble with Accentless Acquisition”.

Interests and expertise

    • Marketing and Communications,
    • Digital media,
    • Publishing,
    • Foreign languages,
    • Reading,
    • Cooking,
    • Theatre,
    • Music,
    • Singing,
    • Swimming,
    • Travelling,
    • Self-education,
    • Photography,
    • Fine Arts,
    • Cinema,
    • Culture,
    • Literature,
    • Music,
    • Experimental art forms,
    • Social Media


Contact me at
Twitter: @AijaOksman

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