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The lively Leith

Written by Aija in the Edinburgh Address blog
Tuesday, 12 November 2013 19:23
Another part of Edinburgh worth every bit of your appreciation and keen exploration is Leith . A port district to the north of Edinburgh city centre, Leith and Leithers – though now part of the burgh of Edinburgh – are still fiercely independent in nature and character. And they have every right to be, what with all the undiscovered gems which most Edinburgh visitors have not dared to venture out to scavenge. Of course, Leith Port is also where the Royal Yacht Britannia resides, for those curious.

Leith brims with personality and creativity; quirky off the trodden path indie shops and bars, high quality restaurants and cafes providing respite from all the walking and exploring. And not to forget, there is a whole film on the beauty of Leith – anyone seen Sunshine on Leith?

The best way – weather allowing – to find your way into Leith is along the Water of Leith walkway that leads from Stockbridge, Dean Village or Canonmills all the way to Leith’s picturesque The Shore area. Alternatively, you can also use some of the excellent public transport connection from New Town Edinburgh centre down Leith Walk.

If you are out looking for some culture, Leith is definitely the place to go, as there is always something going on (same as the whole of Edinburgh, really – this city never sleeps!) and there is a varied choice from exhibitions, to live music, to the general hub of night life. And you could never stray away from Leith hungry – the abundance of restaurants and cafes is stunning. For those looking for a snack or a comfortable lunch, you cannot go wrong with any of the Boda crew’s places along Leith. From the top of Leith Walk starting with Joseph Pearce, then  Boda, Victoria, and Sofi’s, you are sure to be in for a treat! As well as yummy treats we mustn’t forget the tongue-in-cheek, contemporary and definitely unique monthly changing art exhibitions.

The other lovely pit stop for coffee and, ethically sound, home-made delicacies fix is the Word of Mouth café, just off from Leith Walk. Just alone their savvy local sourcing of products and support of local businesses especially in and around the Leith area is worth to stop by to show this lovely café some love.

Up for something with a laid back and distinctive atmosphere for that dinner of yours? The restaurant e:s:i (or the Englishman, the Scotsman and the Irishman) is a gorgeous restaurant with enviable first class food. A warm and friendly restaurant with excellent service provided by the Englishman, Scotsman and Irishman – three friends who have joined together to open their first restaurant. What originally was a fire station has provided the brasserie a unique layout, entering e:s:i into the nu-Leith era in style

And of course if you can tear yourself away from the Michelin star restaurants of Kitchin and Martin Wishart and the Plumed Horse, there is the splendid The Ship restaurant, with inimitable sea food of highest quality – and a wine list to match! And the cook’s in The Ship are not shy about their skills either, explaining how with over 200 varieties in Scottish waters, they are in the enviable position of being able to offer a world class product that’s enjoyed in the world’s finest restaurants. I do agree – plus you will be onboard a ship for your exclusive dinner, overlooking the quaint The Shore.

And of course, now that Christmas is on its way, there is no way Leith would not join the jolly season with its very own switching on of Christmas Tree Lights event with a hearty sing a long officially starting the Christmas season in Leith!

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